LUNCH MENU   

MONDAY - FRIDAY 11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Restaurant Evropa

offers the possibility of taking food with you

Choice of ready meals and a permanent à la carte menu

To order, call +420 973 211 445

The menu includes SOUP for FREE

Monday 23.5. 
Potato soup with mushrooms 42,-
Menu 1. 150g Beef strips with cream and mustard, french fries 149,-
Menu 2. 120g Turkey meat stewed in carrots, boiled potatoes 129,-
Menu 3. 150g Pork strips in cheese sauce, fusilli 128,- 

Tuesday 24.5.
Chicken broth with meat and noodles 42,-
Menu 1. 150g Chicken noodles on curry with mushrooms, fusilli 128,-
Menu 2. 200g Tilapia on thyme with mixed vegetables, boiled potatoes 149,-
Menu 3. 150g Spicy beef stew with hot pepper, bread dumplings 136,- 

Wednesday 25.5.
Broccoli cream 42,-
Menu 1. 150g Roast pork, cabbage, bread dumplings 129,-
Menu 2. 150g Chicken baked with ham and cheese, roasted potatoes 148,-
Menu 3. 100g Pork risotto, pickled cucumber 116,- 

Thursday 26.5.
Beef broth with meat and potatoes 42,-
Menu 1. 150g Meat loaf , mashed potatoes, pickled cucumber 126,-
Menu 2. 150g Azu after tartare / beef /, steamed rice 139,-
Menu 3. 200g Sour lentils, boiled eggs, pickled cucumber 108,- 

Friday 27.5.
Pea soup with sausage and croutons 42,-
Menu 1. 150g Chicken roll with meatballs and spinach, steamed rice 136,-
Menu 2. 150g pork leg with ham, bacon and vegetable sauce, bread dumplings 129,-
 Menu 3. 200g Fried cauliflower, boiled potatoes, tartar sauce 115,-

 pc food box 10,-  
pc  food box for soup 5,-

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