Monday - Friday 11:00 - 14:00 hours 

MONDAY - 10.2.2020 

 Broccoli cream 35,- 
 The broth of beef ribs with roasted semolina and vegetables 35,- 
 150g Pork roast with prunes, penne 99,- 
 200g pork kidney stewed on bacon, steamed rice 89,- 

 TUESDAY - 11.2.2020 
 Potato soup with pepper 35,- 
 Duck broth with fried peas 35,- 
 120g Pork spaghetti Bolognese 92,- 
 150g Turkey steak on white pepper, boiled potatoes 99,- 

 WEDNESDAY - 12.2.2020 
 Chicken soup with noodles and vegetables 35,- 
 Tomato soup with pasta 35,- 
 400g Potatoes baked with cream, sun - dried tomatoes and mushrooms 98,- 
 200g Spicy meat mixture (chicken, beef, pork), steamed rice 99,- 

 THURSDAY - 13.2.2020 
 Vegetable broth with noodles 35,- 
 Creamy soup with meat 35,- 
 220g Chicken leg baked in pheasant style, boiled potatoes 96,- 
 150g Stewed pork with rice and vegetables,sterilized cucumber 96,- 

 FRIDAY - 14.2.2020 
 Garlic soup with potatoes and eggs 35,- 
 Poultry soup with pasta rice 35,- 
 150g Stuffed cabbage leaf with minced meat, mashed potatoes 98,- 
 150g smoked pork neck, peas, hops, cabbage with horseradish 94,-

Standing lunch menu

Monday - Sunday 11:00 - 14:00 hours

Cold starters 

 80g Salmon herring tartare 76,-

80g Fresh RICOTTA cheese with herbs and ham with honey 76,- 


 by the daily menu 45,- 

 Main dishes 

 120g Sirloin in cream sauce, bread dumplings 120,- 

 150g Pork shoulder with pork, sauerkraut, potato dumplings 120,- 

 200g Natural chicken steak with grilled vegetables 186,- 

 200g mix fried schnitzel 130,- 

 Pasta and risotto

 100g Spaghetti "ARRABIATA" 125,- 

 (tomatoes, bacon, parmesan cheese) 

 100g Chicken risotto with cheese and sterilized cucumber 105,- 

 Vegetable salads 

 200g Mixed salad with cheese 75,- 

 (Tomato, cucumber, pepper, feta cheese) 

 200g Tomato with onion 55,- 

 200g Cucumber salad 55,- 


 100g ravioli stuffed with apple filling and cinnamon sugar 65,- 

 1ks Pancake with fruit and ice cream 98,- 

 selection of cakes of the day 

 Side dishes 

 200g Boiled potatoes  40,- 

 200g American potatoes 40,- 

 200g Roasted potatoes 40,- 

 200g French fries 40,- 

 200g potato rösti 45,- 

 200g Stewed rice 40,- 

 80g Tartar sauce 30,- 

 80g Ketchup 30,- 

 por. puff-paste 6,-