Cold appetizers  
100g Fine liver pate 68,-
baked baguette
100g Cheese roll with olive 79,-
baked toast 

Soup of the day 42,- 

Hot appetizers
100g Green asparagus au gratin with hollandaise sauce 116,-
100g Grilled camembert with cranberry dip 118,-
100g Poultry liver in wine with almonds 75,- 

Main dishes
250g Grilled trout 182,-
with herb butter and roasted lemon  
10g Trout surcharge 6,-
150g Chicken roll stuffed with spinach 136,-
cheese sauce
200g Chicken medallions of three scents 140,-
oregano, basil, Provencal spices
200g Turkey pocket 146,-
stuffed with camembert, bacon and mushrooms
200g Filleted pork tenderloin 199,-
creamy mushroom sauce
200g Pork tenderloin medallions 170,- 
baked with blue cheese, camembert, eidam
200g Stuffed pork leg 155,-
pork leg, sausage, ham, bacon
300g Pork neck Trautenberg 199,-
bacon, fried eggs, Viennese onion
200g Rumpsteak 320,-
on colored pepper 

Pasta and risotto
350g Gnocchi with mushroom sauce and chicken 148,-
350g Gnocchi with spinach and cheese sauce 130,-
350g Vegetable risotto with cheese 119,- 

Fried meals
150g Fried eidam cheese 125,-
100g Fried Camembert cheese 118,-
200g Fried chicken schnitzel 140,-
200g Fried pork leg schnitzel 140,-
200g Fried pork neck schnitzel 140,- 

To beer and wine
150g Fake sirloin steak tartare 168,-
garlic, toast  
100g Crackling spread 86,-
pickled cucumber, bread
850g Marinated pork ribs with bones 295,-
horseradish, mustard, hot pepper, pickled cucumber, bread
1200g Roast pork knuckle with bone on black beer 345,-
horseradish, mustard, hot pepper, bread
100g Pickled cheeses in herbs 97,-
eidam, blue cheese, camembert, ferreron, onion, oil
100g Toast with a spicy mixture 96,-
chicken and pork meat, vegetables, baked with cheese 

Lunch salad
300g Salad DAP 99,-
lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, yogurt-herb dressing 

You can order together with DAP salad:
1.     80g grilled pieces of pork tenderloin, croutons, parmesan 70,-
2.    80g grilled chicken breast, croutons, parmesan 60,-
3.    80gfried chicken pieces in cornflakes 60,-
4.    1pc fried eggs, 50g fried bacon, parmesan 55,-
5.    1pc Herb baguette 20,- 

Small salads
250g Greek salad 78,-
tomatoes, cucumber, pepper, Balkan cheese, olives, eggs
200g Mixed salad with cheese 59,-
tomato, cucumber, pepper, Balkan cheese
200g Mixed salad 56,- 
tomato, cucumber, pepper
200g Tomato salad with onion 54,-
200g Cucumber salad 54,- 

1pc Caramel cream 68,-
3pc Pancakes with forest mix and ice cream 99,-
1pc Apple strudel with whipped cream 45,-
1pc Ice cream according to the daily menu 29,- 

Desserts according to the daily menu 

Side dishes
200g Boiled potatoes 40,-
200g Mashed potatoes 40,-
200g Roasted potatoes 40,-
200g Roasted potatoes on rosemary with olives 48,-
200g American potatoes 45,-
200g French fries 45,-
200g Potato croquettes 45,-
200g Stewed rice 40,-
200g Grilled vegetables 69,-
200g Green beans in bacon 59,-
1pc Herb baguette 20,-
1pc Toasted bread 10,-
1pc Pastries (bread) 6,- 

Cold sauces
80g Tartar sauce 30,-
80g Garlic mayonnaise 35,-
80g Ketchup 30,- 
50g Mustard 30,-
30g Horseradish pickled 30,-

This menu is valid from 7.3.2022. Prices include VAT.
We cook half portions of food from main dishes only to our children's customers.
The price for a half portion is 75% of the price of the meal.