Goodies from Bohemian Asparagus 

Reservation:, +420 973 211 445

Goodies from Bohemian Asparagus 23.-29.5.2022

Goodies from Bohemian Asparagus

 Cold appetizer 

 120g Asparagus coctail 68,-

 (asparagus, lettuce, ham, tomatoes, cucumbers, eggs, pastries)


 0,25l Asparagus cream with watercress 42,-


 pc Toast "Ivančice" 85,-

 (asparagus, spinach leaves, blue cheese, bacon)

 Main dishes 

 150g Chicken noodles with asparagus 132,-

 150g Veal steak with green asparagus 165,- 

 150g Pork ribs with ham and asparagus 139,- 

 300g Asparagus risotto with parmesan cheese 118,- 

 150g Boiled asparagus with Hollandaise sauce 135,- 


 200g Fine asparagus salad 99,-

 (lettuce, asparagus, lemon juice) 

 Recommended side 

 200g New potatoes with butter and parsley 40,-

 Reservation :, +420 973 211 445

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