0,75l Rhenish Reisling late harvest 390,-
Wine with a beautiful light olive color with a typical varietaland tender apricot aroma and taste with citrus tones.
Light, pure and mineral-rich wine with slightly spicy aciditygives a youthful and pleasant impression.

0,75l Chardonnay late harvest 390,-
Chardonnay 2018 has an attractive green-yellow color.
The aroma is pure, harmonious and interestingly varietal.
We can find the smell of green gooseberries andblackcurrants. The taste is full of semi-dry, mineral and inthe end completed with pleasant acid.

0,75l Sylvan green late harvest 390,-
Wine of linden flower color, with a spicy aroma of gooseberryjam and acacia blossom. The taste is full, extractive, slightlyspicy with pleasant fresh acid.
Maturing on the bottle, our Sylván green will becharacterized by full oily consistency, pleasant smoothnessand supple harmony.

0,75l Pálava selection of grapes 440,-
Pálava is one of the most typical varieties of the locality andalso the flagship of the Gotberg winery.
It is a fresh and interesting breeding miracle from Moravia.It is characterized by a straw yellow color with greenreflexes, the aroma of tropical fruits especially lychee,pineapple with unmistakable spicy taste with distinctivetones of fresh vanilla.


0,75l Pinot Noir late harvest 440,-
Pinot Noir has a dark ruby color.
The rich aroma of this wine excel in tones of marmaladefrom dark fruits, forest raspberries and a slight hint ofsmoke.
The taste is massive, mineral, with a cherry in dark chocolateat the end.
Very fine and attractive tannins in conjunction with lightresidual sugar predetermines this wine for very long agingon the bottle.


Gotberg entered the wine map of South Moravia in 2010when he presented his first wine collection to the public.
The winery bet on top quality attributive wines and focused on varieties that belong to the local area and which are doing well here, such as Pálava, Riesling, Sylvaner Greens, PinotNoir and others.

The vines were planted on rounded terraces with peach-almond trees, rose hips, wild sour cherries and liquorice.
The specific character is given to the wine by deep loess soils rich in calcium content of the three vineyards Panenskýkopec, Svidrunk and Sonberk, which Gotberg farms.

The Gotberg winery puts great emphasis on the cultivation ofhigh-quality grapes, which do not use any chemicals to treat them.
The winery also participates in the joint Czech-Austrianproject ECOWIN - Nature Conservation by Greening Viticulture.
The winery is located near Hustopeče in the village of Popice, whose wine tradition dates back to the 13th century.
The winery is housed in a building that has been awarded the "Best Industrial Building of the South Moravian Region" andis a beautiful example of modern wine architecture.
From winery is splendid view to the Pálava region, which makes each visit unrepeatable in any season.